An overview with Amber Vilhauer (2:59)

Amber Vilhauer is the expert in building a strong social media presence. She will make a difference in your industry!
John Lee Dumas, EOFire
Hi, I’m Amber Vilhauer and I’m about to show you how to LEVERAGE my almost 10 years of social media and internet marketing to support your business this year!

There are 3 categories I’ve found most entrepreneurs fit into:

  1. You either don’t post to your social media accounts very much (likely because you don’t have confidence in what to post, or you don’t get the point overall)
  2. You’ve hired a VA to post for you (but you’re not getting results because that person doesn’t really understand the strategy to boost results)
  3. Or even if you are posting, you’re still not building a following or getting engagement (because you don’t understand what to post to boost results)

… Just because you’re not getting results, doesn’t mean social media isn’t an incredible tool to build your business and get more sales. It is, and you have to get this strategy into motion now if you want to keep growing.

This whole time… all you needed was
a Social Media Content Delivery service!

What is a ‘social media content delivery’ service?

Imagine this… once a week, a document is delivered to your email Inbox that has customized, targeted social media posts for the entire week ahead. AND all of the content is written in your voice to strengthen your brand.

How much content do I get?

You’ll find enough content for 3 Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ posts, PLUS 5 Twitter tweets per business day. (That’s 160 posts per month every month to build your following and promote your brand!)

What “types” of content do you deliver to me?

We create more than a dozen different post “types” to keep your content interesting, and your audience engaged. We pull the content from your latest blog posts, videos, podcast, book, service and product pages. We will promote your business events and ask people to join your subscriber list. We will share related industry news and trends. We will provide inspired content so your following is motivated to take action with you.

We will make sure you have the perfect balance of promotional, social and engaging content so YOU WIN the social media game (without killing brain cells figuring out the content yourself)!

Please note: Custom-designed and branded photoquotes are not included but can be purchased separately. We do however include beautiful non-branded photoquotes within your content document each week.

What do I do with the content?

You can simply copy/paste this content into your social media pages and not put any more thought into your social media for the whole week! OR, give this content to your VA to post (…but at least now you’ll have peace of mind that the content actually works). OR, we even have a package where we can do all of the posting for you too!

How does all of this work exactly?

Sign up today and get your first 40 social media posts within 7 days!

Step 1.

Fill out Intake Form.

Once you sign up, you’ll be immediately directed to fill out a brief Intake Form. This is where you’ll let us know about your business and goals. Check your email for next steps.

Step 2.

Schedule a Discovery Call.

Next, you’ll meet your super likable Social Media Specialist, and schedule a 15-30 minute Discovery Call to clear up any questions. (By now, we’ve already begun to creating content for you!)

Step 3.

Receive your social content.

Within 7 days of signing up, you’ll receive an email from your Social Media Specialist with a link to download your first week’s content (40 posts!). You’ll receive a weekly email from her with content until you cancel.

How long do I have to commit to the service?

There is no forced commitment! (Don’t you love that?) This is an EASY, flexible, month-to-month option for business owners who don’t have the time or desire to make a social strategy or curate great content… but who knows it needs to get done, and get done the RIGHT way.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Amber Vilhauer
Founder / CEO
Julie Davis
Social Media Specialist
Richel Newborg
Social Media Specialist
Jill Wichner
Social Media Specialist
Erin Cell
Social Media Specialist
Melody Spencer
Social Media Specialist
  • Amber Vilhauer is the expert in building a strong social media presence. She will make a difference in your industry!

    John Lee Dumas – EOFire
  • Thanks Amber. I'm loving this social media set up (best money I've ever spent). I know this is long term, but I'm already seeing active participation, people responding, new followers on twitter (I don't even know how they "found" me). Things are coming together and I have you and Erin and your team to thank for that. So I'm so thankful for you and your company this year!

    Pam McAlexander
  • Amber is a highly qualified social media consultant. Her thoughtful and skilled education helped me begin my work using social media to promote my book, The Imagine Project. She is kind and ethical as well as highly skilled in social media. I highly recommend her.

    Dianne Maroney

What Will You Do With Your FREE Time?


Get started now and our expert social media team will immediately start creating your Week 1 content…

Complete Done-for-You Content AND Posting Package


  • We create your content AND POST IT
    to your social media accounts each week!
  • Month-to-month package
  • NO long-term commitments
  • 40 social media posts posted
    to your social media 
    accounts weekly
  • Posts customized to your voice and current news
  • Video: Learn our Social Strategy
  • Dedicated, responsive email support
  • Content checked by our quality assurance team
  • 14-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course! This is no different than hiring a copywriter to help write blog posts or webpage content for you. We will work very hard to match your voice so no one even realizes you are outsourcing your social media! We have successfully prepared social media content for our clients for many years, and they are thrilled with our level of service!

No problem! Just let your Social Media Specialist know any time we can improve to better match your voice and message. Our Specialists have a LOT of experience though, so you shouldn’t expect too much needing to be corrected.

Great! Just email your Social Media Specialist anytime with any new promotional content you’d like her to add to the coming week’s delivery documents. We are happy to see your business growing and want to make sure we are marketing you in the best light possible!

Yes, of course! We want you to be as confident as we are, and our existing customers are, that you will love our service once you start implementing the content our Social Media Specialists have prepared for you, coupled with the ongoing strategic monetization training you’ll receive. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, we want to make your decision foolproof. If at anytime in the first 14 days of service you are not completely satisfied, you can submit a contact request to our team at and we will promptly refund your first month’s investment.

Heck yeah! That’s what our “Complete Done-for-You Content & Posting Package” is for! This is a month-to-month package as well, where we can write your content and schedule all 160 posts per month so you literally don’t have to worry about a thing!

From Amber:

“This service is a content curation service where we come up with the content you can then post to social media or other platforms. Our content is results-focused.

In the almost 10 years I’ve been studying and working on social media, I’ve seen that the best way to grow and engage is to be social, have a variety of content, and subtly sell your brand.

The formula we’ve developed is one where 50% of the posts are educational, and 50% are inspirational (because when people are inspired, they take action, and we want them to take action with YOU). 🙂

We have great variety in the types of posts we offer (from promoting your content, products/services, quotes, photoquotes, infographics, tips and advice on your topic, sharing related industry articles, videos, etc), but all directly related to your overall topic so there is consistency, relevancy and sets you up for conversion. Naturally we will be focused on getting people back to your website where they can there optin for your list, order products, services, and/or take advantage of any way to connect with you.

Most people ineffectively structure their content on social media, and worse, most don’t post in a regular consistency. Therefore the audience is not “conditioned” to engage. Our goal is to correct that by giving you 40 posts per week. A sweet spot number.

The weekly document will be divided into 15 posts for Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ and then 25 twitter tweets. Each week you’d get a fresh document.

If you have anything specific you’d like us to promote, just let us know and we’ll integrate that (like if you’re featured in a Summit, or have a product release etc). Also, if you have suggestions for us to improve, or tweaks you’d like made, we can make those along the way too. We have a strong desire to make this work for you since that would make the service a win-win!”

Have more questions?

Click here to send us an email with all of your questions.

This could be you!

“I’m loving this social media set up (best money I’ve ever spent). I know this is long term, but I’m already seeing active participation, people responding, new followers on twitter (I don’t even know how they “found” me). Things are coming together and I have you and Erin and your team to thank for that. So I’m so thankful for you and your company this year!


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